Joshua Belew


Joshua Belew says "Being a fan has taught me to be a good entertainer, and just as my favorite President - Abraham Lincoln ' spoke from his own heart, directly to the heart of the people', I just have to listen to my heart"

If one word COULD describe his heart, it would be ENTERTAINER. Joshua's early influences were contemporary Christian music by artist of the late 80's and early 90's rock n roll like: Petra, Whitecross and Stryper. This era of music has given him an appreciation for todays modern country music that "tastes like country, smells like rock n roll".

Throughout his years, Joshua has competed in radio contests and toured with vocal groups based in Springfield, Mo. Between worship leading in churches and a
Las Vegas karaoke competition finalist, he continued his journey to entertainment. Joshua's #1 goal is to interact with the hearts of everyone of Bootleg Riot's fans as a veteran entertainer, song writer and artist.