The wacky-don't-know-what-your-going-to-get- RIOT

From your above average stage presence, to table top dancing, to the drummer being 15 feet above the stage in a construction scissor lift, BLR is a riot!

History in the making

 With the rise in popularity of modern country music in today’s market and being surrounded by many great local artists performing their genre of choice around the Ozarks, it became clear to Joshua Belew that an alternative to the classic norms of local entertainment needed to be addressed. 

In 2012 he set out to create a fresh musical experience that captures the essence and excitement of seeing a band perform live.

  Bootleg Riot was incited by the proposition that if you give the people what they want and do it well, you’ll have a happy crowd every time. 

So why now?

  High energy on and off the stage offers an experience that touches the heart and soul of its foot tapping, party dancing, modern country loving crowds.

 BLR is on the forefront of today’s popular rock and roll styled country music currently heard on the radio and is rapidly becoming the band of choice in the mid-west 4-states region.

  Since it's creation BLR has continue to rise in expectation and delivery, creating more and more of a reason to experience them now!