• Meet the Family

    Joshua Belew

    Joshua Belew says "Being a fan has taught me to be a good entertainer, and just as my favorite President - Abraham Lincoln ' spoke from his own heart, directly to the heart of the people', I just have to listen to my heart"

    If one word could be used to  describe his heart, it would be ENTERTAINER....

    Christopher Gray

    A true veteran of the Southwest Missouri music scene, Christopher Gray is one of two talented guitarist currently slamming chords and trading licks with Bootleg Riot.

    Chris has recorded several CD's that feature his songwriting, arrangement skills and musicianship.... 

    Wayne Severson

      In 2006, Wayne relocated to Branson, MO where he established himself in the music scene. In 2016, Wayne was presented the award "Lead Guitar of the Year 2016" by Branson Show Awards.   Beyond training and experience, Wayne has a true passion for playing, vocal ability, reading skills and a good working knowledge of sound and recording technology...


    Robert Smith

    More to come on Robert!!

    The RIOT BIO

     From your above average stage presence, to table top dancing, to the drummer being 15 feet above the stage in a construction scissor lift, BLR is a riot! 

     With the rise in popularity of modern country music in today’s market and being surrounded by many great local artists performing their genre of choice around the Ozarks, it became clear to Joshua Belew that an alternative to the classic norms of local entertainment needed to be addressed. 

    In 2012 he set out to create a fresh musical...

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